People think I’m funny.  I tend to agree.

TJ Spaulding is a comedian, producer and writer, residing in D.C., but strongly representing her home state of New Jersey. She has performed in cities all across the US, and even has a few international gigs under her belt.  She was selected to perform at the 2014 Women in Comedy Festival in Boston, MA and the 2014 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, TX.  TJ has always had a knack for finding the humor in life and, luckily, she has the craziest group of friends, relatives and coworkers that help keep the material flowing.

Aside from performing stand-up, TJ has studied comedy writing at The Second City (Chicago, IL) and the People’s Improv Theater (New York, NY), and has successfully produced comedy shows domestically and internationally, with the hopes of introducing new talent to as many audiences as possible.  She is the creator, producer and co-writer of the exciting stage show “Do You See What I See?”, a hilarious mashup of stand-up, sketch comedy and improv, which premiered at the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC.  She also produces an annual international comedy show, allowing her to take a group of comics from cities across the U.S. to perform for guests of The Takeover, a private travel event held in a different Caribbean locale every year.

When she’s not entertaining the masses, TJ works as a consultant in Washington, DC, a town affectionately known as “Hollywood for ugly people”.  Go figure.